19 de maio de 2017

Philosophical Supreme Council of Modern Rite of Brazil

Dear Brothers of all Regular Grand Lodges of the World,
Our Philosophical Supreme Council of Modern Rite of Brazil gives welcome to all our beloved brothers in the four corners of the earth.
We are a Sovereign, Regular and Independent Philosophical Freemasonic institution with jurisdiction over the five Superior Orders or Wisdom Orders of Modern Rite (or French Rite).
In our Supreme Council, all regular Master Masons of all rites from Regular and Recognized Grand Lodges can be accepted in the Sublime Regionals Chapters of Modern Rite (SRCMR). In SRCMR we work the four Wisdom Orders: I – Secret Elect; II – Scottish or Scottish Elect; III – Knight of the East or of the Sword; and IV – Sovereign Prince Rosy-Cross.
When in one State there are two or more SRCMR, a Grand Kadosh Philosophical Council can be installed. The Grand Kadosh Philosophical Councils works in Fifth Order, Perfect and Sublime Master – Black and White Eagle Knight, Inspector of the Rite, and has state jurisdiction over the Chapters within the State.
The supreme degree, the second arch of Fifth Order, is the 9th Degree, or “General Grand Inspector”. The sessions of the Philosophical Supreme Council of Modern Rite of Brazil are worked in this Highest Degree. The chamber of Supreme Council is presided by the Sovereign Great General Inspector, the President of all our organization.
In Brazil, Modern Rite is the foundational rite of the most ancient Grand Lodge in the country, the “Grande Oriente do Brasil” (stablished in 1822). The “Grande Oriente do Brasil” has in its act of foundation, the signatures of freemasons with distinctives signals of Modern Rite (R+C IV Order, 7th degree).
Practiced in Brazil uninterruptedly, since 19th century, the Modern Rite has suffered with irregular reformations and modifications that brought separations within the regular Freemasonry.
Today, our Philosophical Supreme Council of Modern Rite of Brazil practices the original form of the rite, stablished in 1785 by the Grand General Chapter of France and redacted by the genius Roettiers de Montaleau. Our rituals contain all that are in French originals and small adaptations for our reality and habitual forms practiced in Brazil.
Our Supreme Council is, at this moment, the greatest philosophical institution of Modern Rite outside the francophone world. It’s also the unique completely regular outside Europe.
Our members are affiliates in Blue Lodges of “Grande Oriente do Brasil” and some of them in regular Grand Lodges of states in Brazil.
If you or your Grand Lodge outside Brazil have interest in our Modern Rite, please make contact. We will be happy in help you.
With my fraternal greetings;
André Otávio Assis Muniz, 5th Order, 9, Grand Secretary General of Education, Culture and Ritualistic Orientation – Philosophical Supreme Council of the Modern Rite of Brazil
Special thanks to Bro. Marcos Capelli, by the review